Education Program

Parrot Mountain & Gardens Mission, Goals, and Objectives:

To help protect and preserve exotic parrots and softbill type species through a captive breeding program to help prevent the danger of extinction. To provide a home for abused and unwanted birds. To educate the public on the care and well being of these magnificent creatures. To provide a park for the education, awareness, and enjoyment of these avian wonders for future generations, keeping in harmony with the beauty, and serenity of the mountains.

Qualified Groups:

Parrot Mountain and Gardens welcomes all groups, large or small, public or private.

Field Trip Outline:

Meet and greet with Parrot Mountain & Gardens expert staff professionals Educational tour of park exotic birds & gardens Student hands on exotic bird handling and training demonstrations Exotic bird captive breeding program introduction and hand feeding demonstration Lunch break & student parrot finder scavenger hunt Staff and student farewell and departure

Note:(Students will be seated for a live educational bird show for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.)

Avian Species:

Parrot Mountain & Gardens is pleased to offer hundreds of all types of exotic birds. During your visit you will come across Macaws, Cockatoo’s, Amazons, African Grey, Eclectus, Toucans, Magpies, Kookaburra, Caiques, Conures, Lorikeets, and Parrotlets, just to name a few!

Remember our aviaries nursery is open for everyone to come and visit with our newest arrivals. You never know what type of species you’ll discover next!

The Gardens:

Our professional agricultural staff have planted thousands of flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees to form a brilliant four acre rainforest environment with vivid colors!

Don’t forget to notice many of the natural trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants that are also located throughout the park.

Both planted and natural vegetation are labeled for student educational purposes.