School Groups

School Prices

Public and Private school rates:

  • School rates $12.95 for kids
  • High School rates $19.95 for kids
  • School lunch $9.95
  • Bus drivers are free, One teacher is free per 10 students.
  • Chaperones are $24.95

Homeschool Rates:

  • $2 off Regular Adult rate (not school rate) for adults
  • $1 off Regular Kid rate (not school rate) for kids

You must present your home school I.D. to receive this discount.

Your Students Can:

  • See and enjoy 146 different species of parrots and softbills from Asia, Central and South America, Indonesia, Africa, Australia and other countries.
  • Actually feed Australian lorikeets nectar from a cup in your hand
  • See just hatched live baby parrots in incubators
  • Pet baby birds and watch as they are hand fed in our nursery, what is unique is to see them at different stages of development
  • Enter the secret garden through the yellow door and experience a small jungle with toucans, Dino the Silvery check hornbill, and magpies flying about freely.
  • Also hundreds of exotic flowers plants and trees labeled for educational purposes
  • Your students can have lunch while being surrounded by the sights and sounds of birds from around the world.
  • Live educational bird show for students
  • Largest eco-tourist bird park in the Southeast, with hundreds and hundreds of birds and thousands and thousands of plants and flowers.